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Question: How soon after a patient stops bleaching should a dentist or laboratory take a shade?
Answer: It take 3 –5 days for the teeth to settle to their natural bleached shade.
Question: Should a dentist or laboratory take a shade after the patient just finished his/her appointment?
Answer: No, the patients teeth will be dehydrated from his/her dental appointment. It is best to take the shade before the patient starts his/her appointment or wait at least until the next day before taking a shade.
Question: What crowns do we provide in house?
Answer: We create all of our crowns in house and local. These include PFM, All Ceramic (E.max, Empress and Zirconia) and Custom Implants (All ceramic, gold and PFMs)
Questions: Do we use the Cerec Connect?
Answer: Yes, you can look up our laboratory name and send your file.
Question: When a patient comes into our laboratory, many have asked if they need to pay anything?
Answer: No, that is part of the invoice we bill the dentist.