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Custom Shades

Q: Why are custom shades important?
A: Any specific tooth is a combination of several shades. We want our work to blend in with your patient’s natural teeth. Only the dentist and the patient should be able to tell that there manufactured teeth in the mouth. We work hard toward that result.
Q: My patient bleaches their teeth; can I send them over for a custom shade?
A: Yes, but they need to wait 3-5 days after they bleach so that the teeth have settled down into the shade they will be.

Q: My patient does not bleach, should I take a shade immediately after the dental work is completed?
A: No, the patient’s teeth will be dehydrated. Ideally the shade should be taken at the beginning of the appointment BEFORE the dental work has begun, or wait at least 24 hours.
Q: How long is the custom shade appointment?
A: The appointment will last about 10-15 minutes.